About Us

Established in the year 2001, Economode - House of Food Equipments; has carved a niche in India and globally in frying technology thus has become an integral part of the Snack food industry. A Team with a vast experience in manufacturing high performing food processing equipments and providing snack food solutions, Economode has now broached out into multiple forays such as product and Process consulting, Innovation in Technology and facilities (plants), product development, new product line concepts and Snack food processing. Our first snack food venture Bombay Hot - Manufacturers of Indian ethnic snack products based out of Lucknow was established in the year 2005. 

With Nutromode, our Gamut of products includes healthy and delicious extruded snacks processed using best of breed technology to delight our customers. Our Team of Food technologists at Nutromode play a vital role in developing new products and bringing them to life. They initiate and nurture new product ideas as well as improve existing products or processes. They are in constant endeavor to modify formulas for existing products to meet consumer needs, develop the right mix for a new product, and team up on new packaging concepts; as a result our products are healthier, easier to use and better tasting.