Corn Puffs

Processing and flavoring- Corn Puffs :

Corn Puffs’ are manufactured by extruding heated corn and rice grits through a die that forms the particular shape. These are manufactured and readily made available in Raw (Unfinished), Roasted (Semi Finished) and processed (finished) variety in shapes like balls, Rings, Bowl (Vaati) and Kurkure. This range is produced by using superior grade ingredients sourced from accredited vendors of the domain.

Our Raw (Unfinished) Corn Puffs are widely used :

As a raw material in Baby/health foods and Pharma Industry.
Our Raw Corn Puff variety is widely supplied to clients who further process this range in
desired flavors and supply this range as a Snack to the wholesale and retail chains.
Powdered or granulated extruded rice and starch is widely used as a raw material in industrial processing.
Can be processed using 100% Corn, starch or Rice also as per client specifications.

Snack Attack :

Given their way children would love to grow up on a diet of bread, biscuits and fried food which are addictive. Regular consumption of such snacks can eventually lead to obesity and retardation of growth in children due to lack of nutrients and empty calories provided by maida, extra salt, artificial flavors and emulsifiers.

Why is Snacking Important?

A lot of parents would equate snacks as junk food and try to prevent their kids from eating them. However, snacks are important part of diet because they provide a boost of energy that may be required to do certain activities. Snacks can also prevents one from overeating during meals, which is good for maintaining your weight. Snacking is good, as long as it isn't too frequent, and if the snacks consumed provide required nutrients.

Healthy Snacking :

Parents encourage healthy snack choices. Children always want to eat something extremely delicious. Not something sweet but something savory and delicious. Oats, cornflakes, soya chunks, Dalia, celery, granola, etc.. But are all these healthy snacks delicious? As per dieticians, one must consume smaller meals several times of the day instead of big meals. Snacks are to be chosen wisely keeping in mind the nutrition it provides.

A perfect combination of rice and corn, roasted using best of breed technology, tossed with finest seasonings, Our Corn Puffs are suitable for all age groups; this roasted snack range is appreciated for its lip smacking taste, aroma and appearance with Cheese balls and rings being one of our Premium flavors. One can enjoy a new flavor, every time hunger for snack strikes! Our snacks our truly delicious, yet Healthy! Has 25% less Fat Compared to Potato Chips and are cholesterol free. Consumers want snacks to not only taste good, but also smell good, feel good, and look good. Our product range has it all.

Why are Corn Puffs preferred over other fried snacks?

Corn Puffs are roasted not fried.
High nutrition quotient and a variety of flavors.
There are no artificial colors or preservatives
Superior quality seasonings used.
Perfectly suitable for vegetarians

Corn Puff flavors :

This nutritious variety is made available in the most popular wide range of flavors basis the diverse demands from the clients and the end users.

Quality control, Packaging & Storage :

The Raw material used is of the finest quality, sourced from the market leaders of the domain.
Our snack range is manufactured through a fully automatic Production Line as a result the product quality is consistent.
Corn puffs are of distinctly superior quality and taste.
Hygienically packed in metalized laminated packing (500gms) with added advantages of increased shelf life up to 3 months and quality proofing.